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Staff and Volunteers

Image by Duy Pham

All acupuncturists working at OCA are certified through the NCCAOM, fully licensed to practice acupuncture in the state of Washington and stay up to date on continuing education credits. 

Our acupuncturist, Shelby Smith (she/her), EAMP, L. Ac.

I am a proud Washingtonian born and raised. I am also a grateful graduate of The Evergreen State College and POCA Technical Institute. While at Evergreen, I earned a BA/BS with emphases in Pre-Med and Public Health. I wanted to learn not only how to help relieve the suffering of individuals but how we can create and maintain systems that allow for communities as a whole to have a better quality of life that they define for themselves. I started out my acupuncture education at a classical Chinese Medicine school in Portland but found that I wasn't learning enough about acupuncture specifically or how to make it available to working class people so I transferred to POCA Tech.


At POCA Tech, I trained in treating people experiencing a wide variety of conditions. I really enjoyed learning a craft that could help so many people in so many ways. For me, community acupuncture is a perfect sweet spot where I am able to help support both individuals and the community. Right after graduation, I worked at FSPA Community Acupuncture in Wisconsin, where day after day I got to see the wonders of this medicine working in all sorts of people for all sorts of conditions. I love dedicating myself to being a community acupuncturist (aka acupunk or simply punk), I feel very lucky to be returning to my friends, family and the woods here in Olympia and to be of service to any who cross our doors. When I am not thinking about Public Health and Acupuncture, I can be found crafting, cooking, spending time in nature, or telling Dad jokes.

Our Fabulous Board of Directors

Because Team work Makes the Dream work

Our vivacious Vice President:

Cathy Visser is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who teaches empowered eating that includes all types of foods that meet diverse needs. Cathy helps clients to incorporate a non-dieting philosophy into their lives and live free from the bondage of dieting, yo-yo weight gain/loss, and worry about food and eating. She has worked with people across the U.S. and in several different countries on the African continent. She has worked extensively with Native Americans and Alaska Natives communities in Washington State and also has a great sense of humor. She performs amazing work in the community at 

Our terrific Treasurer: 

Helen Scharber is a community acupuncturist and radical economist. She is passionate about making health care more accessible and more humane. Her other passions include trees, books, and her cat, Millie. Helen works up north at Bellingham Community Acupuncture

Our superb Secretary:

Beau Antonelis works with unhoused adults in Olympia. He's excited to support this project and see increased access to acupuncture. (He's also fantastic at crafts).


This clinic would not exist without the generous help of these amazing volunteers and donors.

 These wonderful folks and organizations donated their time, energy, money, creativity, expertise, and stuff to make this project possible:

Mary Webley

Michael & Barbara Smith

Clay & Kay DeRochie

Bethe Eichler

Michelle Santiago

Deane Shellman

Lo Goldberg

James Lorr of Urbana Acupuncture

Jersey Rivers of Pinwheel Acupuncture

Jade Fang

Lori Peterson

Rachel Friefelder of Handmade Gardens

Lisa Ornstein

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